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Mr. Hemant Vaidya is working on  Ferrocement: as construction material specifically with reference to Housing since 1987.

Home is one of the basic needs for every human being cutting across geographical barriers. Putting on extensive experimenting and actual working with ferrocement, Mr. Hemant Vaidya has now developed a fullpledged housing construction scheme that is simple, economical, strong durable, free from maintainance,hygenically safe and secured.

Mr. Hemant Vaidya sincerely feels that what he has exploited so far is just tip of most useful construction material iceberg treasure of Ferrocement. Lot of work can be done as we march ahead for this basic need of humanity. 

With this idea, Mr. Hemant Vaidya writes, lectures, talks at every opportunitythat comes in his way. Furthermore, he guides the  engineering students who take up  Ferrocement Projects in research spirit. During 1997-98 one such project Role of Volume Fraction in Ferrocement Beam Design was completed successfully by a group of  C.W.Institute of Technology, Pune University.



B.E. (Civil), M.I.E., C.E.(I)
Consulting Engineer in Ferrocement
B 501, Rohan Ishan, Near Patil Nagar, Bavdhan Budruk, Pune, 411 021 
Maharashtra , India.


(91) 988 1463 188 

(91) 982 208 6979 

Email: ferrocement.hemant@gmail.com


This website is organized in various tabs as follows:

1. Home - A brief introduction of the author (this page)

2. Ferrocement Construction - It has three subsections

a. Introduction to ferrocement

b. Comparison with alternative commercial technology i.e. RCC

c. Case studies and executed projects

3. Book - "Ferrocement Housing Prelude" book details

4. Academy - Information about Geeta Ferrocement Academy  

5. Low Cost Toilet Unit - A proposal for Govt. Of India

6. Guest Book - For interacting with the visitors of the site.

After going through the site kindly give me your feedback in the Guestbook. This will help in exploring this technology and its practical uses/projects



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