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The other day a middle aged student doing his M. Tech. came to me knowing from some source about my pioneering work in Ferrocement. He wanted to know whether the present Code practice of providing column stirrups be replaced by providing weldmesh?

With my long experience of a quarter century in field of designing & erecting in totality Ferrocement houses (It was declared through book Ferrocement Housing Prelude in year 1994) successfully I told the gentleman “Sorry I am afraid that I am of no help to you since our engineering fraternity is totally typed designed; as such there is not a single inch advancement leave alone research to talk about.”

On the contrary a person like me who has established in all these years that Ferrocement has no parallel in civil construction has to apologize to a student like this.

It is irony that a man who has developed ferrocement housing construction in totality & executing for last 25 years has to beg a pardon like this.

There are few reasons for this paralytic condition-

1) The persons who are in authority or power do not consider that they are duty bound to search such activities relentlessly & pass on to common man its benefits.

2) In my this long journey I have met a few people who opted for this Ferrocement Housing but had to get approved under false pretext because of ignorance of above mentioned people.

3) I have proved at grass root level that ferrocement gives cement saving of 35% & in steel about 30%. If so, just one can imagine had we engineers been a bit more enthusiastic, authorities with humble approach towards common people, we could have taken the country in the bracket “Developed Country”.

4) Our scholars must know that advancement of technology is not confined to laboratory, book references only. They should not shun experimenting. Then I will not be required to beg a pardon.

From my end along with my colleagues we are starting in near future “Geeta Ferrocement Academy” wherein we will train ferrocement supervisors & ferrocreters. We will teach technocrats fundamentals and basic design system developed in last 25 years. There is always headroom for advancement. We have already master minded ferrocement beams of span 7 meter, two way slab of 5 x5 meter and now work over higher dimensions which we call Research in our academy.

Watch this space for further announcements!

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