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"Ferrocement construction" a Win-Win for India

Posted by Hemant Vaidya on July 16, 2014 at 5:00 AM

It is strange that people in 'crowds' are pouring in and making unemployment problem a 'tsunami' on one side, that the other essential facets such as agriculture and construction are starving for working hands.

In construction itself, field of Ferrocement has a few more lacunas. Not many people, right from civil construction field, have much knowledge of Ferrocement, especially its potential to benefit for average Indian.

So, the above 'working hands' problem is most aggrieved of workforce right from technicians, supervisors to skilled labour force.

An average Indian is poor. Many of them either live in slums or whitewashed looking slums! In fact, home is a basic need of every Indian.

All these people can be provided shelter that is affordable, decent, maintenance free, safe from miscreant adventures such as thefts, fire, bodily harm, etc. It will be a house that gives you necessary privacy to maintain human dignity.

Imagine, even if we give such 50 million houses throughout the country, what tremendous labour force Ferrocement will absorb which is lying idle and adding every yea to unemployment container in already explosive state.

We are absolutely not dependent for known-how from outside the country (the fact is rather they have to learn the Ferrocement technique from us). All the necessary consumables are indigenously available. It is not power thirsty industry, so power shortage is not a hitch anymore!

The only hitch is the trained manpower. A humble way to overcome this hitch is 'Geeta Ferrocement Academy', where from we want to train technicians, supervisors and skilled labour force. It will be the first such exercise in the country.


Here, all the above skills will be taught with actually gaining the art and knowledge by working with students' own hands and as they will practice Ferrocement professionally after completing training, they will be self made.

As the Ferrocement construction is affordable, their Alma Mater will part the knowledge and the art to her pupils that will be affordable for them!



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