Ferrocement Construction

Ferrocement Housing Prelude

In the book, the design concept of Ferrocement beam is discussed in depth so that it will get total exposure for designers' comments and furtherance to more economical designs.

Ferrocement is easy to execute material. This is so because construction system convenient to to execute can be easily adopted. One such new construction system with Ferrocement is introduced by Mr Hemant Vaidya and it was named as Stagewise Ferrocement  (SWF) system which is explained in the book at a length.

Suppose beam of length is to be casted that will weigh about 1000 kg. Now, if it is precasted then, no doubt centering can be got rid off, but it will ask for elaborate erection arrangements. However, if this beam is partly precasted as stage one; placed in position having manageable weight and then given full section in situ as stage two, easy to execute execution is achieved. This is nothing but the SWF construction.

Present big Ferrocement constructions many a times use welding for erecting these skeletons so that necessary stiffness is provided for taking up matrixing. This whole process can be deleted by SWF construction.

Ready Reconer in tabulated forms appear in the book for beams design, lintels/chhajjas and slab panels.

 Apart from this quite few aspects related with Ferrocement Housing are explained in the book.

The price of the book is  US$50 only .
Please send cheque to the mailing address of Mr. Hemant Vaidya for receiving the book. The book will be sent by air mail for out of India recipients.

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Salient features of Ferrocement

Cost Effective

In comparison with RCC, Ferrocement is 25 to 40 % cheaper for same strength requirement. This has been established by comparing standard RCC design and factualy designed and executed Ferrocement construction. ferrocement construction proves to be cost effective in comparison with any other construction system; however, percent saving may vary.

Earthquake resistant

 It is discussed in an exclusive chapter. There are three basic requirements to be fullfilled to make a house earthquake resistant:
1. House should weigh least possible.
2. All components of the house should be interconnected as much as possible and they absorb momentory adverse force that tremors will impose, without giving way.
3. Its foundation should not be anchored with the base.

Ferrocement fullfills all these prerequisites and can ,therefore,construct a safe house.

Architecturial Aid

Ferrocement poses no performance inability to any loud artistic imagination of an architect. Ferrocement can be given any surface finish as well it can back  strongly any imposition by way of tiles or marble chips etc. Multidimentional items, if proposed by an architect, can be casted with inherent Ferrocement strength.

Simplicity in Construction

 It requires no plant and machinary. It is free from  Power Availablity clutches. Its material list is small and has easy manoeuverety. It requires hardly any shuttering. It saves on different catagories of skilled labour. With perfect planning it is most efficient, time saving construction.

Rehabitation of Structures

 Number of executed structures suffering from executional flaws or design shortfalls can be corrected with Ferrocement. A number of illustrations appear in the book. Rehabitation is easily possible because it is a very co-operative material that goes well with other constructional materials such as bricks, stones, timber concrete etc.

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