Ferrocement Construction

Economical Pre-Cast Toilet Units for Rural and Urban India

A Proposal For Govt. Of India 

On the shameful background of inhuman Badaun episode prime minister has promised to the nation toilets, electricity, water in a time bound framework.

I come forward herewith a humble toilet unit for every house to be provided much before committed date apart from bearing not much financial burden.

It is the ferrocement technique with which I am working for last 25 years and have gathered much design execution expertise that is unique. Not only in India but also world over there is no parallel to it. This I am keeping updated for so many years now internationally through this website

Coming back to my proposal,


  1. There will be central casting yards conveniently located where availability of water, economical transportation of pre-cast ferrocement units will be facilitated. At these yards, electricity supply is not a must since we do not need any machinery. Consumables list is also finger tipped such as ordinary Portland cement, sand and meshes which are easily transported to casting yards since t hey come in bundles.For one toilet unit there will be five units in all which individually will not weigh more than 40-45 kgs so that while casting in yards or erecting at a user’s house we need not have any tackles.Thanks to the ferrocement technique which is so robust that it can be handled easily while casting units, transporting them to the user’s site and erecting. Even if, by chance, some damage occurs, it can be rectified without any specialization.
  2. It’s a labor oriented activity requiring no much specialization. Only sincere raw workers can be trained by conducting short term workshops. As thumb rule, ferrocement costs half in comparison with RCC. Suppose, RCC item is of Rs. 1000/- then its consumables eat away Rs. 700and labor will get Rs. 300. For equivalent ferrocement item, the cost will be Rs. 500 and labor share will be Rs. 250.
  3. In fact, erecting the toilet unit can be handled by the user himself without any difficulty once the pre cast units are supplied at his doorsteps. The work involved is only trenching, erecting three sides and one door after positioning, foundation concreting and grouting the four corners all through heights neatly, allow for setting the in situ cementing for a week and then place caping over that makes the unit ready. It’s safe, durable, no-miscreants nuisance, fire-proof and long lasting requiring zero maintenance.
  4. As far as the costing is concerned, in my opinion, with long standing experience of execution and present market rates, it should not cost more than Rs. 2500/- per unit provided we all together in human service spirit leaving behind all malpractices of the past. Moreover, when it will be a national movement, ultimately, it will gradually go on costing less and less.
  5. Elaborate drawing details are incorporated alongwith.


Let’s make our county stink free.

I have written a book titled ‘Ferrocement Housing Prelude’ in 1994. However, the edition stands now exhausted but the salient features of the said book are present here and one can get conversant with the technique going through earlier pages.


                                                                                                                                                      Hemant Vaidya


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